Bana Hills

Bana Hills is a hub of relaxation and entertainment located in the most scenery mountain in Da Nang – the capital city of the Central region in Vietnam. Staying on the top of Chua Mountain which is about 44 kilometers to the West of Da Nang, Ba Na Hills is referred as the second Sa Pa of Vietnam with the theme climate within a day reflecting all four seasons in a year: spring in the morning, hot summer at noon, fall after 12am and slightly cold winter at night. At the height of 1,487 meters above the sea level, the average temperature on this mountain top is between 17 and 21 Celsius degree. In comparison to Da Lat, Ba Na is a little bit less humid with lighter rain which makes it dry and fresh. Thanks to the low level of humidity, Ba Na treats visitors with a spectacular view over a wide range of majestic and pristine forest belonging to Truong Son Mountains which are home to various types of plants as well as animals. In addition to the jungles are the seas, the modern city of Da Nang and rice fields exceeding to the end of the skyline.

Bana Hills
                                    Bana Hills

Ba Na was first discovered by the French who made it the summer place to escape the heat in the city during the period of high temperature. There were up to 250 mansion houses, a number of hotels, clinics, post offices, banks as well as other modern facilities to serve people here in Ba Na. However, it is not until 2013 that the route to Ba Na became much easier with cable car system which holds four records of the world including the longest and highest non-stop cable car ever existed in the world. The ride upwards the top inside this cable car would be a spectacular experience for passengers with a feeling of getting over the mountains, waterfalls, and even the clouds.

                                Bana Hills Cable Cars

Things to do and see

Bana Hills includes chains of restaurants, accommodation hubs and cellars of wine, mainly champagne which are mostly in French style. Furthermore, in 2004, a mimic of the Linh Ung Pagoda being situated in Ngu Hanh Son was built on Ba Na which has become a sacred spot on the top of the region with an impressive statue of Buddha at 30 meters high. The architecture of the pagoda, accompanied by the ambiance of the highland’s slightly freezing temperature, makes the Pagoda become the attraction of spiritual people. Another place that is worth paying a visit is Fantasy Park which is one of the largest indoor parks in Asia with the very first Wax Museum in Vietnam. The park also serves visitors with adventure games and three or four dimensions film techniques.

Lying to the southwest side of Ba Na Hills is Mo River with a 9-level fall called Toc Tien (Fairy’s hair fall) owing to the way the fall looks resembles the beautiful hair of the girl from heaven.  A romantic destination that cannot be missed when visiting Ba Na is Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden which is divided into seven different sections with various structures and themes. The Garden offers a picturesque background for taking pictures to save the valuable memory of Ba Na Hills. Additionally, Debay Wine Cellar is really the place to be visited with, of course, a treasure of grape wines which used to be high-class entertainment spot for French people in the 1930s. The cellar is covered with warm yellow light and glamorous scent of French champagne which would charm any people coming here.

Best time to visit?

Thanks to the stable climate around the year, Bana Hills can be visited at any time. However, people should pick the time when the surroundings are suitable for not so many tourists. Peak season in Bana Hills is from April to September when people get here to get away from the heat of the tropical country and enjoy their long holiday in the year. If one enjoys being surrounded by people and merry atmosphere, they can choose this period to visit Bana Hills. Otherwise, the time between October and February is a proper choice.

How to get there?

Since Da Nang is one of the most developed cities in Vietnam, transportation to and from this city is definitely convenience with a various type of means to choose. There are daily flights from many other cities of Vietnam landed at Da Nang International Airport. In addition, it also accessible by buses from nearby cities and provinces.

From Da Nang, there are buses to Ba Na at reasonable prices, around 120,000 to 150,000 for a return ticket per person. In order to get to the top, you have to go by Ba Na Cable Car with a maximum capacity of 1,500 people per hour. The price of the cable car is relatively high but it includes free access to Fantasy Park once you get to the top.


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